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Facts about hip-hop and prison for profit Bookmark and Share
Ninety percent of what Americans read, watch and listen to is controlled by only six media companies. PBS’s Frontline has described the conglomerates that determine what information is disseminated to the public as a “web of business relationships that now defines America’s media and culture.” Business relationships. Last year a mere 232 media executives were responsible for the intake of 277 million Americans, controlling all the avenues necessary to manufacture any celebrity and incite any trend. Time Warner, as owner of Warner Bros Records (among many other record labels), can not only sign an artist to a recording contract but, as the owner ofEntertainment Weekly, can see to it that they get next week’s cover. Also the owner of New Line Cinemas, HBO and TNT, they can have their artist cast in a leading role in a film that, when pulled from theaters, will be put into rotation first on premium, then on basic, cable. Without any consideration to the music whatsoever, the artist will already be a star, though such monopolies also extend into radio stations and networks that air music videos. For consumers, choice is often illusory. Both BET and MTV belong to Viacom. While Hot 97, NYC’s top hip hop station, is owned by Emmis Communications, online streaming is controlled by Clear Channel, who also owns rival station Power 105.
Where Are Black Couples in the Media? Bookmark and Share
black stories that are lacking in the media
wow essence founder would sell to time warner again Bookmark and Share
essence is having problems but what is new
top 10 black products and services not own black people Bookmark and Share
well you thought a black person owned or at least started but not
Howard students sue AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Bookmark and Share
This is a story that my interest many that want to take part in pledeging AKA or any fraternity or sorority organization
40 schools in poor area to close in PHilly OMG Bookmark and Share
why are the poor neighborhoods in philly being affected by cut backs. Most elementary schools across the country are neighborhood based.
Mandela sugery a success Bookmark and Share
South Africa''s former President Nelson Mandela underwent a successful surgery to remove gallstones Saturday, the nation''s presidency said, as the 94-year-old anti-apartheid icon is still recovering from a lung infection. Doctors treating Mandela waited to perform the endoscopic surgery as they wanted to first attend to his lung ailment, presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said in a statement. Mandela has been hospitalized since Dec. 8
Susan Rice quits and tells soem to kiss her butt Bookmark and Share
susan rice does not want the job
From big booty model to brand will it work Bookmark and Share
Most black women in the entertainment game become big booty models. While other women that use sex sells become brands.
Jewish adult males beat black teen in Baltimore Maryland Bookmark and Share
Will these Jewish men go jail for thirteen years for beating a black teen.
Trayvon Martin death causes big gap between races Bookmark and Share
Americans are deeply divided by race over the killing of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, with 91 percent of African-Americans saying he was unjustly killed, while just 35 percent of whites thought so, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Thursday.
African American Studies experts gather Bookmark and Share
African-American professors, deans and chairs representing all 11 universities with black studies doctorate programs met for the first time ever Thursday at the Hotel Orrington to examine and celebrate the progress in African-American studies since its inception.
Should Trayvon Martin mom and dad not play nice Bookmark and Share
Trayvon Martin family has held their temper ,but we will see for how long
Artist Elizabeth Catlett Dies at 96 Bookmark and Share
Artist Elizabeth Catlett Dies at 96
Three white men involved in the beating and fatal rundown of a black man Bookmark and Share
the men admit to crime
Black Golfer history Bookmark and Share
Thomas "Smitty" Smith became the first black golf pro to work at an Atlanta area golf course, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution archives
Trayvon Martin body Bookmark and Share
The funeral Director talks about Trayvon Martin''s body.
Black women and cancer Bookmark and Share
Black women face many problems and cervical cancer appears to be one of them
Triumph of Black Women and Girls in America Bookmark and Share
New movie about black women and young women and how they over came may problems
Katrina killings: people goto jail Bookmark and Share
five ex cops face justice after Katrina killings
Trayvon Martin news Bookmark and Share
Trayvon Martin topic is very hot right now
Marcia Anderson is highest ranking black woman in Army Bookmark and Share
Marcia Anderson has just mad history
Belafonte Says Obama Lacks Bookmark and Share
Singer and activist Harry Belafonte says President Barack Obama and his "mission" have failed because of a lack of moral courage and vision.
what do black folk listen too on radio Bookmark and Share
it appears we praise the lord alot and listen to love song according to this report
wow is this everything you want to know about black people Bookmark and Share
some body thought this was funny . what do you think
black churches and eddie long and others Bookmark and Share
this is about black churches and other problems they face
Herman cain looks black to me Bookmark and Share
Herman cain wants to be called american and not african american oh well
Terrelle Pryor says I am sorry man Bookmark and Share
Terrelle Pryor says he sorry for what he did
Teen died of heart of attack on basketball court Bookmark and Share
Teen dies on basketball
Alabama Republican Sen. Scott Beason calls black people Aborigines Bookmark and Share
Aborigines live in what state in america and when you find out. you tell me lol.
What life is like in fashion for a black man Bookmark and Share
The fashion industry speaks
Summer Academy attracts black teens Bookmark and Share
Black teens try to go down the correct road in life
Gospelfest salutes dads Bookmark and Share
dads raised up at concert
Who will win the Baltimore Mayoral race Bookmark and Share
The race for Mayor in Baltimore city is up for grabs . I just no one will get as lucky as O'Malley did back when he won his first term as Baltimore City Mayor
PG County looking bad in national news Bookmark and Share
Prince George’s County, Md., has gained prominence in recent years as the most affluent county in America with a majority African-American population. Average income in the county is almost double the national average for black families, according to the Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey.
Does Hawthorne need more black men Bookmark and Share
Hawthorne causing problems with black men because their is not representation of them on the show. The question is the new wave of information that is being programmed in the minds of African American women in the professional field
Inside the mind of Danielle Belton Bookmark and Share
Danielle Belton talks about her and her life with a reporter.
he School District of Palm Beach County will host the 17th annual African and African American Studies Summer Institute Bookmark and Share
The School District of Palm Beach County will host the 17th annual African and African American Studies Summer Institute later this month. The theme is “Education and the African American Experience: Past, Present, and Future.” The Office of African and African American Studies, currently under the Department of Multicultural Education, sponsors the week-long institute which focuses on infusing African American Studies into the curriculum across all subjects in grades K-12.
ree African-Americans in New York City were acting, reciting poetry, singing and dancing i Bookmark and Share
Decades before the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed slaves in the South, free African-Americans in New York City were acting, reciting poetry, singing and dancing in a backyard garden space called the African Grove. The Grove was founded in the late 1810s by William Brown, a former ship's steward who had settled in New York.
demographic factors significantly affect mental health concerns among black men. Bookmark and Share
Well, you did not have to tell me this. The city will drive you crazy if you let it. Researchers have discovered demographic factors significantly affect mental health concerns among black men. Researchers from the University of Michigan and University of Southern California determined advanced age was linked to better mental health status as older men had fewer depressive symptoms, lower levels of psychological distress and lower odds of having a major depressive disorder than their younger counterparts.
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